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RF 162 Toe Reading II - Soul Coaching - Facilitated Dialogue
Level II will concentrate on mastering facilitating dialogue in such a way as to help shift someone’s awareness of how they are, and how they can be, in the world by asking penetrating soul coaching questions. An introduction to where the chakra information is holographically stored within the toes and feet will be explored to further help refine the predictable sites of sacred life stories. A ‘Royal Reading’, complete with washing of the feet and the use of blended essential oils is taught to help create trust, ritual, blessings and sacred space with your client to deepen the discoveries from the soul in a toe reading session. Come and unlock your ability to be a true Sole/Soul Coach with this powerful modality. PRERQ RF 151 or RF 150-OL
Session ID: RF 162 (W01) - 06/23/2023
Dates: Jun 23, 2023 - Jun 25, 2023
Time: F 6pm-10 pm, Sa/Su 9am-6pm
Instructional Hours: 20.0
Seats Available: 20
Tuition: $360.00
Price: $360.00
Registration End Date:
Jun 23, 2023 12:00 AM