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EC 793 Reiki for Animals
Learn how to connect with animals using Reiki so to help them relax and become calm and to assist in the healing of non-life-threating conditions. You will be introduced to Reiki, the history of its founders, the traditional Reiki protocol and how to adapt the protocol to several varieties of animals, in various locations. You will learn how to perform Reiki with an animal from short or long distances. Learn to develop a compassionate touch toward animals and all living things. PRE-REQ: EC 711 or EC 775 or EC 811
Session ID: EC 793 (W01) - 08/07/2022
Dates: Aug 7, 2022
Time: Su 9am-6pm
Instructional Hours: 8.0
Seats Available: 20
Tuition: $144.00
Price: $144.00
Registration End Date:
Class Cancelled