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WH 275 Western Herbalism - Herbal Flowers
This course delves deeply into the role of flowers as an adjunct remedy to herbal medicine as well as the distinction between remedies for physical versus emotional healing. The student will gain clinical understanding for herbal practice from personal experience, become familiar with flower medicines in the Sonoran desert, and experience learning from multiple practitioners of the same craft. Supply fee $70 Text: $6
Session ID: WH 275 (M01) - 02/09/2023
Dates: Feb 9, 2023 - Mar 2, 2023
Time: Th 12pm-4pm
Instructional Hours: 16.0
Seats Available: 24
Tuition: $288.00
Price: $288.00
Registration End Date:
Feb 9, 2023 12:00 AM