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MF 105 Foundations of Mindful Eating
This introductory mindfulness course builds awareness and the ability to discern the difference between the nine kinds of hunger that are felt in the body. In addition to foundational concepts of mindful eating, you will use the regulation tool of tapping (also known as EFT) for reframing limiting beliefs that arise along with those nine hungers. You’ll also practice varied ways to satisfy those nine hungers through eating and other behaviors. Text $36
Session ID: MF 105 (E01) - 09/29/2022
Dates: Sep 29, 2022 - Nov 17, 2022
Time: Th 6pm-9:45pm
Instructional Hours: 30.0
Seats Available: 11
Tuition: $540.00
Price: $540.00
Registration End Date:
Sep 29, 2022 12:00 AM