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YO 405 Yoga Nidra V – Advanced Techniques Part I
This course of advanced Yoga Nidra study builds on and deepens Yoga Nidra practice as an ancient esoteric and mystical practice through study of source texts and yogic scriptures. We will delve more deeply into the koshas (sheaths) and how Yoga Nidra is of benefit to each one. You will learn how the Wisdom Body is the key to breaking internal patterns (samskaras)and you will experience new techniques for yourself and for your students to strengthen the power of the Wisdom Body. The new advanced Yoga Nidra card deck includes new body rotation sequences, awareness of space inside and outside the body, listening with the body, chakra and kosha experiences and prana/mother divine yoga nidra. PRE-REQ: YO 401-404 SUPPLY: $70 AUC
No classes are being offered at this time for this course.